OPAL Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
opalThe main namespace that contains everything in OPAL
opal::blueprintManagerImplA namespace for the BlueprintManager singleton implementation
opal::defaultsA namespace containing all default parameter values used in OPAL
opal::defaults::jointDefault parameters used in Joint creation
opal::defaults::motorDefault parameters used in Motor creation
opal::defaults::motor::attractorDefault parameters used in AttractorMotor creation
opal::defaults::motor::gearedDefault parameters used in GearedMotor creation
opal::defaults::motor::servoDefault parameters used in ServoMotor creation
opal::defaults::motor::springDefault parameters used in SpringMotor creation
opal::defaults::odeDefault parameters specific to the ODE physics engine
opal::defaults::sensorDefault parameters used in Sensor creation
opal::defaults::sensor::inclineDefault parameters used in InclineSensor creation
opal::defaults::shapeDefault parameters used in Shape creation
opal::defaults::solidDefault parameters used in Solid creation
opal::globalsA namespace containing globally useful parameters
opal::loggerImplA namespace for the Logger singleton implementation
opal::ode_hiddenA namespace containing internal ODE functions

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