Verve File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ActiveTDConnectionList.cpp [code]
ActiveTDConnectionList.h [code]
Agent.cpp [code]
Agent.h [code]
AgentDescriptor.cpp [code]
AgentDescriptor.h [code]
Connection.cpp [code]
Connection.h [code]
Defines.h [code]
Globals.cpp [code]
Globals.h [code]
Logger.h [code]
Neuron.cpp [code]
Neuron.h [code]
Observation.cpp [code]
Observation.h [code]
Platform.h [code]
Population.cpp [code]
Population.h [code]
PredictiveModel.cpp [code]
PredictiveModel.h [code]
Projection.cpp [code]
Projection.h [code]
RBFInputData.cpp [code]
RBFInputData.h [code]
RBFNeuron.cpp [code]
RBFNeuron.h [code]
RBFPopulation.cpp [code]
RBFPopulation.h [code]
RLModule.cpp [code]
RLModule.h [code]
TDConnection.cpp [code]
TDConnection.h [code]
TDProjection.cpp [code]
TDProjection.h [code]
UltraSparseCodePopulation.cpp [code]
UltraSparseCodePopulation.h [code]
verve.h [code]
WinnerTakeAllPopulation.cpp [code]
WinnerTakeAllPopulation.h [code]

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