Verve Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
verve::ActiveTDConnectionListA dynamic list of "active" TDConnections (those with a non-zero eligibility trace)
verve::AgentAn Agent is an autonomous entity that learns from direct with its environment
verve::AgentDescriptorA data structure used for Agent creation
verve::ConnectionA synaptic connection between two Neurons
verve::ContinuousSensorDescriptorA data structure describing a continuous sensor
verve::DiscreteSensorDescriptorA data structure describing a discrete sensor
verve::LoggerThis class is used to log any events, errors, or warnings that may come up
verve::Logger::StreamA simple output stream structure
verve::NeuronThe basic Neuron class
verve::ObservationA simple data structure containing arrays of discrete and/or continuous sensory input data
verve::PopulationAn interface for a group of Neurons of similar function
verve::PredictiveModelA PredictiveModel learns a predictive model of the environment dynamics (transitions) from direct experience
verve::ProjectionAn interface for a group of Connections from one group of Neurons to another
verve::RBFInputDataA convenient data structure for passing around common sets of data
verve::RBFNeuronA "radial basis function" Neuron
verve::RBFPopulationA group of RBFNeurons
verve::RLModuleAn RLModule learns from reinforcements to improve its action selection in order to increase its future reinforcement intake
verve::TDConnectionA Connection that is trainable via temporal difference learning
verve::TDProjectionA Projection of TDConnections
verve::UltraSparseCodePopulationA Population with only one active Neuron
verve::WinnerTakeAllPopulationA Population with a single active Neuron

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