If you are using OPAL for the first time, it is recommended that you read through the documentation in the following order: 1) overview, 2) tutorials, 3) API reference.The overview and tutorials do not cover everything; they exist to help you learn to use the basics quickly.Consult the API reference for a more detailed description.


OPAL Overview: A short, high-level intro to the major components and how they work together.


Tutorial 1: The Simulator


Tutorial 2: Solids, Shapes, and Materials


Tutorial 3: Joints


Tutorial 4: Motors


Tutorial 5: Sensors


Tutorial 6: Data Objects


Tutorial 7: Event Handlers and User Data


Tutorial 8: Contact Groups


Tutorial 9: Blueprints and OPAL XML Files


Tutorial 10: Mesh Shapes


Tutorial 11: Spaces


API Documentation: A detailed description of everything in OPAL. If a particular concept isnít discussed in the overview or tutorials, check here.


Submitting Changes: Details on how to submit bug reports, feature requests, patches, etc., including OPAL's overall design philosophy and coding convernsions.


OPAL is Copyright © 2004-2005 Alan Fischer, Andres Reinot, and Tyler Streeter