If you would like to have your OPAL project added to this list, email Tyler with the project’s name, a short description, a link to the project’s website, and screenshot.


Annex Labs’ First Person Shooter: A first-person shooter with a fresh style and cardboard enemies.



ArKen3D: A virtual reality version of Arkenoid/Breakout.



Collapsible Cabin: A physically-simulated cabin built from separate wooden boards that can be destroyed with fire.



Hovercraft Soccer: A 2-player soccer game where each player controls a hovercraft to score points.



Magic Suit: Shoot magic particles and manipulate physical objects in virtual reality using a motion capture suit.



Playpen: A sample application included with OPAL.  Uses the Ogre rendering engine.



Radius: An arcade-style 2D space shooter.



Rhino: “You are a space station maintenance worker assigned the task of asteroid duty. Maneuver your ship "the Rhino" in frictionless zero gravity, clearing floating debris and intercepting incoming asteroid storms before they damage the vulnerable station. It lacks a certain glory usually attributed to astronauts, but hey, it’s a living.



Application Switcher for Iowa State University’s Virtual Reality Applications Center: An interactive 3D GUI/application launcher for VR applications that enables users to start and exit multiple applications without leaving the virtual environment.



Ukrainian Rumble: A mechanical FPS with destructible physics.



Verve: Motor learning research using physically simulated creatures.




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