Point3r.h File Reference

#include "OpalMath.h"
#include "Vec3r.h"
#include <cassert>

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namespace  opal


class  opal::Point3r


Point3r opal::operator+ (const Point3r &u, const Vec3r &v)
Point3r opal::operator- (const Point3r &u, const Vec3r &v)
Vec3r opal::operator- (const Point3r &u, const Point3r &v)
Point3r opal::operator * (const Point3r &v, real scalar)
Point3r opal::operator * (real scalar, const Point3r &v)
Point3r opal::operator/ (const Point3r &v, real scalar)
Point3r opal::operator- (const Point3r &p)
real opal::distance (const Point3r &p1, const Point3r &p2)
std::ostream & opal::operator<< (std::ostream &o, const Point3r &p)

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