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Brainpower Labs

An AI Research Company

In 2008 I decided to start a research and software company, Brainpower Labs. The main purpose of the company is to develop advanced AI and machine learning models and algorithms. A secondary purpose is to develop software to help fund this research.

The company started with an ambitious vision: to develop "advanced, human-like artificial intelligence software based on the architecture of the mammalian brain." Essentially, my initial plan was to single-handedly solve AI, explain the brain, and build a company around the results. This turned out to be difficult. So I redefined the company roadmap a few years later. Now the near-term focus is fundamental machine learning research, especially deriving new foolproof learning algorithms from simple, elegant principles. The long-term goal remains essentially unchanged: to build general AI.

For historical reasons, here is the original company overview.

So far, most of the effort here has focused on basic research and internal software tools. Some projects funded by the company include:

On the funding side, see iBonsai, a meditative interactive 3D tree simulation, released for iOS.