Tyler Streeter
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Summer 2002 - Fall 2003


At Iowa State's Center for Nondestructive Evaluation I worked on a 3D CAD/Ultrasonic Testing simulation package. This was my first exposure to OpenGL and 3D graphics programming. My supervisor had developed a software package called UT Sim, which was a visual simulator for ultrasonic testing. It allowed users to load 3D models (e.g., parts from jet engines, airplane wings, or space shuttle tiles) and test them with a simulated ultrasonic probe. UT Sim was a UNIX program when I arrived. My main task was to port it to Windows using Visual Studio 6. I also integrating a .stl file importer, an existing octree space partitioning system, and several visual features.


UT Sim in Windows screenshot 1 UT Sim in Windows screenshot 2 UT Sim in Windows screenshot 3