Tyler Streeter



Started development Spring 2006


QuickProf is a simple runtime performance measurement tool for C++ code. It is contained within a single header file, so it's very easy to add it to any programming project, and the timing measurements it provides are very useful for optimizing performance. It can give you an overall timing summary when your app finishes, or it can generate an output file for graphing your app's runtime performance.

For example, I used QuickProf in one project to profile the three major components of my code (inference, propagation, and adaptation). I had it print out an overall summary at the end, which usually gave me something like this:

adaptation: 23.2914 %
inference: 11.5562 %
propagation: 0.200819 %

...and I had it output a timing data file, which I then plotted with the Python module Matplotlib:

Profile results